Wrangler Floor Scrubber Servicing at Rowan Foods

Ensuring your machines are regularly serviced is the best way to reduce breakdowns and maximise productivity and it’s especially recommended for older machines that are in constant use such as this Wrangler Floor Scrubber.

Factory Floor Cleaning at Rowan Foods

From a single butcher shop in London in 1935, Rowan Foods has grown to become a major supplier in making and developing retailer label prepared foods for the top UK grocery retailers i.e. Salisbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, Asda, Co-operative, Tesco, Subway, Greggs, and Aldi.

Now part of the larger Oscar Mayer group since 2001 they have successfully managed to maintain a high reputation for food quality which comes from their carefully selected suppliers and high standards of staff training and cleanliness.

To maintain a deep clean on their factory floors they use  Wrangler Floor Scrubber Dryers, in fact they have four, one at each of their sites in Wexham.  These machines are rugged yet maneuverable with large cleaning solution and recovery tanks and variable speed controls that allow for an almost effortless operation.

Servicing Wrangler Floor Scrubber Dryers

A3 Machines were contacted to service the machines and so we sent one of our engineers down to Wexham to put the machines through their paces, resolve any faults, descale the solution and recovery tanks, replace any worn parts and complete a PAT Test.

Some of the problems we found were low voltage on the batteries of one machine which indicates they were highly likely to fail in future and most of the machines needed new suction rubbers.

Wrangler Floor Scrubber Dryer with failing Batteries Wrangler Floor Scrubber Dryer with replacement Batteries

For replacement batteries we fitted four Leoch “Adventurer AGM” deep cycle batteries which use durable Absorbed Glass Mat technology that will cope well with the power demands of the wrangler floor scrubber dryer, they are fully sealed so no need to check the electrolyte levels any more.

The machines were given a through clean-up as part of the service both in and out and the black casing came out particularly well, so much so they machines looked new again when we had finished.

Wrangler Floor Scrubber Dryer Before Servicing Wrangler Floor Scrubber Dryer After Servicing

Servicing Wrangler Floor Cleaning Machines for a Wrexham Food Manufacturer

The A3 machines service department provide a Nationwide UK ON-SITE call out service covering breakdowns at any time, thus ensuring your productivity and cleaning schedules are uninterrupted. Our factory trained service staff provide onsite repairs and preventative maintenance on all types and brands of cleaning and industrial equipment. We carry an extensive inventory of replacement parts at our facility.

To find out more about Servicing Wrangler Floor Scrubber Dryers please visit: http://www.a3machines.co.uk

To read about more service work carried out by the A3 machines engineers please visit:  http://service.a3machines.info

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