Viper Fang 28T Service for Crewe Cereal Manufacturer

Through a quick Google search, a customer at a breakfast cereal manufacturer found our website, and contacted our offices to arrange for an engineer to service their Viper Fang 28T floor cleaning machine. The manufacturer was situated in Crewe, Cheshire, an industrial town where manufacturing has been a central part of the town’s infrastructure and home to many well known brands including BAE, Bombardier and Bentley motors.

The breakfast cereal manufacturer in Crewe had got in touch with our offices after noticing that the performance of their machine had begun to become noticeably less efficient. Being a food manufacturer the floors of the complex needed to be kept clean at all times which also helps remove trip hazards for the staff and ensures they meet their strict hygiene controls. The machine in question was a Viper Fang 28T battery operated scrubber drier and had been purchased second hand and used on a daily basis since it was bought two years prior. In this time, it had never been serviced.

Servicing a Viper Fang 28T

Our engineer travelled out to Crewe to perform a full service on the machine. He inspected all the core elements, checking the tanks, filters, battery fluids, battery charger, bolts and bearings and the general operational components of the machine. In the end, he found that the machine was in good physical condition but missing the adjuster bush for the suction rubbers.  This meant that the rubbers which surround the scrubbing area could not be adjusted resulting in less seal and air leaking in resulting in reduced suction.  When the vacuum system is compromised in this way you find more dirty water is left on the floor and not extracted off the floor and deposited in the recovery tank.  Luckily, this was a quick fix that could be carried out from parts carried on the engineers service vehicle and once the adjuster bush was replaced the suction rubbers could be correctly adjusted and performance was restored.

Our engineer fully tested the machine and found that it was back to its full potential, working properly and performing well again. He then gave the customer the usual advice on regular preventative maintenance in order to stop problems from arising in the future. The customer was very satisfied with the result and felt that their simple Google search had paid off!

Viper Fang 28T Battery Operated Scrubber Dryer
Viper Fang 28T Scrubber Dryer

Viper Fang 28T Battery Powered Scrubber Drier

The Viper Fang 28T is the largest walk-behind scrubber dryer with a 71cm cleaning path that allows upto 2,800 m2 of floor  to be cleaned every hour.  The Viper range of machines are very robust, reliable and service friendly and we have experienced machines running for years without service,  not that we recommend you do this!  They Viper Fang range have ergonomic design that allows you to easily see the floors around the machine.

All machines in the range have a transaxle drive system with a variable speed motor. It’s also easy to change the brush/pad pressure to suit the cleaning requirements of all kinds of floor surfaces.  Thhe machine is very manoeuvrable for its size and fuses an ergonomic design with a durable 91cm wide aluminium squeegee assembly to capture the soiled cleaning fluids.

The size of the machine and its coverage makes it ideally suited for cleaning medium-to-large areas of factory floor space.

Viper Fang 28T Service at Cereal Manufacturer in Crewe

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