Viper AS710R Service at Telford Packaging Company

Our service department received a service request for a Viper AS710R from one of our customers at a packaging company in Telford, which is only twenty miles south of our base of operations in Market Drayton. Telford is a relatively new town, comprised of smaller industrial settlements that merged in the 1960’s and 70’s. The town is named after Thomas Telford, who was a civil engineer that developed many rail and road projects that linked places in the area together. These days, it is home to manufacturing sites of numerous Japanese industry giants such as Fujitsu, Nikon, Hitachi and Ricoh.

Assessing the Machine

Our engineer hit the road to travel the short distance to Telford, in order to assess the fault with their floor cleaning machine, which the customer reported was “not working as well as it had been”. As a packaging warehouse, lots of loose shreds and bits of plastic and other material that the staff work with would get scattered around the floor. Not to mention the shoes of the people that work there leaving tread marks. It is imperative, for health and safety reasons, that the warehouse be kept clear of potential trip hazards, and this means keeping the floors clean. To this end, the company purchased a Viper AS710R Ride-on Scrubber Dryer from ourselves, so we were only too happy to help them with their problems.

Our engineer carried out an inspection and found that the water filter had become blocked. As part of the service, the engineer carried out a full clean of the water filter. However, he had also noticed that the suction rubbers had been damaged and the floor pads had been overused, not being replaced as often as they should. This of course meant that they were not cleaning the floor as effectively as they otherwise would.   Our engineer replaced the suction rubbers and the pads. He then stressed the importance of preventative maintenance: making sure that the pads were regularly replaced; taking better care of the machine when using to avoid damage to the suction rubbers (as it was clear to our engineer that this had been damaged through misuse). After carrying out a series of tests, the machine was working properly again, and having given the customer information on proper routine care of the machine, our engineer could sign off on the job.

The following video details the use and care of the machine.

Viper AS710R Ride-on Scrubber Dryer

The Viper AS710R is a medium-sized floor cleaning scrubber dryer, and rather than a walk-behind scrubber, the AS710R allows the operator to ride and drive it. This makes it perfect for heavy traffic areas and suitable for the regular cleaning of large areas such as railway stations, parking areas, shopping malls, exhibition centres, schools, hotels, public institutions and other commercial environments larger than 5000m2. It is capable of cleaning a whole host of different floor types, such as tiled, vinyl, sealed wood and concrete. Typical of Viper machines, it features a robust body whilst also being ergonomically designed for ease of use. It also comes with a number of accessories to carry spare parts such as pads and brushes.

Viper AS710R Repair at Packaging Company in Telford

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