Servicing a Taski Aquamat 30 Carpet Cleaning machine for Birmingham Hygiene Services Company

The head office of a hygiene services company contacted us to service of one of their industrial Taski Aquamat 30 Carpet Cleaning machines. The company operates throughout the UK and on this occasion we were called out to their site in Birmingham, West Midlands. We have a number of customers in Birmingham which makes sense for our line of work as it’s often referred to as the “Workshop of the World” for its history of cutting edge development in the sciences and industry and it’s the second largest city in the United Kingdom.

Servicing and Maintenance of the Carpet Cleaner

After receiving the call from the head office of the hygiene company, the engineer stocked his van with spares for the machine and arranged to carry out a full service the following day. The machine that the customer requested a service for was a Taski Aquamat 30 Deep Carpet Cleaner. It had been used routinely and, as expected from such heavy usage, had accumulated a decent amount of wear and tear. The engineer inspected the machine and found that in order for it to run at its optimum level, five parts were worn and needed to be replaced. These parts were the two suction boards, the 2.2m suction hose and two seals for the 26L recovery tanks.

After these parts had been replaced, the engineer also carried out Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Inspections) on various other machines on site that were shortly due for re-testing. Portable Appliance Testing involves testing for the general electrical safety of the machines. The engineer examined all power cables to verify that they were in good condition, that the grounding (earthing) of the machines was sound and that there was no danger of any current carrying components coming into contact with exposed metal parts that may be touched without proper insulation.

Needless to say, the customer was very happy with the service provided by the engineer on the day. The engineer had been called merely to service one machine, but went above and beyond in his service to PAT inspect the other machines whilst on site, ensuring the best possible experience for the client and of course guaranteeing the continued safety of the machines being used by the company.

Taski Aquamat 30 Floor Cleaning Machine
Taski Aquamat 30 Carpet Cleaning Machine

Taski Aquamat 30 Deep Carpet Cleaner

The Taski Aquamat 30 is designed for medium-sized carpeted areas and corridors. It provides excellent deep cleaning through spray extraction; the process of spraying the carpet under pressure and picking up the spray again immediately. This increases the lifespan of carpets by removing ingrained dirt without sacrificing the high appearance of the carpet. It features mechanical brushes which are fully adjustable between 8 different positions. Whilst it is fully cabled with a 15m power cable, it boasts ease of use as the large tank capacity reduces the need for refilling stops. It measures at 104x45x87cm and weighs 39kg. All of these features combined make it the ideal machine for medium-sized areas of carpet.

It is worth noting that all machines supplied to customers, whether they are carpet cleaners or otherwise, will be fully serviced and tested to the highest standard by one of our engineers before delivery.

Servicing and Maintenance of a Taski Aquamat 30 Carpet Cleaner for Hygeine Services company in Birmingham

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