Sourcing Replacement Scrubber Dryer Batteries

A3 Machines is committed to providing its customers with the best equipment to carry out the most thorough clean and with many of our machines being mobile a key component of that promise is a power source that ensures a maintenance free and continuous operation.

Scrubber Dryer Batteries

To meet the needs of our customers and their machines we source the best and latest battery technology from independent UK battery specialist, DBS Leoch. Based in Market Harborough they stock a huge range of batteries for all types of applications from agricultural to utility vehicles.

Predominantly we find the PowerBloc AGM 100 and AGM 150 batteries most suitable, they utilise AGM (absorbent glass mat) technology to provide a deep cycling battery that’s ideal for replacing scrubber dryer batteries and other cleaning and maintenance equipment. The AGM batteries offer up to 600 cycles, are sealed and maintenance-free, non-spillable with no need to fill, and deliver four times the cycles of traditional flooded batteries.

PowaBloc AGM Scrubber Dryer Batteries
PowaBloc AGM Battery Image

About DBS Leoch

With over 100 years’ experience in the battery industry, DBS Leoch Ltd are a modern, generational-run distributor focused on providing complete rechargeable battery solutions to numerous industrial sectors and businesses from the everyday to the extraordinary.

In January 2018 DBS Energy forged even close links with their manufacturer and global battery superpower, Leoch Battery PTE who have always provided quality progressive products with international acclaim and one of the largest multi-range battery manufacturers in the world. Their technologies include Flooded (serviceable and maintenance-free), AGM, Gel, Gel Tubular along with other selected chemistries including representing the prestigious RELiON lithium range.

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Powering Cleaning Machines with DBS Leoch Batteries

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