Servicing a Second Hand Viper Fang 24 For Manchester Convenience Store

We took a call from a customer at a family run convenience store, complaining of a “catalogue of issues” with a second hand Viper Fang 24 scrubber dryer.  The store was situated in Manchester, one of the UK’s largest and most densely populated cities, so convenience stores provide a valuable service to locals and commuters alike.

Servicing a Second Hand Viper Fang 24

The machine sounded in quite a bad state over the phone so armed with spare parts for a Viper Fang 24 our engineer hit the road and travelled north to Manchester to see just how bad this machine was and if it could be repaired.  On arrival it soon transpired that the family had purchased their machine from an unreliable source on the internet.  I’m sure they got a good deal but there are few guarantees with products on second hand sites like eBay or GumTree so I wouldn’t recommend this approach.   The floors of the convenience store needed to be kept clean and hygienic for customers, so the family had recently purchased the second hand Viper Fang 24 Scrubber Dryer to make light work of the task.

Our engineer began his usual diagnostic inspection, only to find, to his surprise, that whoever was using the machine was attempting to use it without any cleaning pads!  I guess that’s the other problem with buying a second hand machine over the internet, they rarely come with any instructions or training.  Our engineer attached a new cleaning pad to the machine and also supplied them with some spares for future usage.

After giving the machine a once over, he found that the filter had become very clogged, so he proceeded to clean this. He also descaled the water tank and cleaned the suction rubbers. Whilst there he carried out a full service of the machine to ensure it would be as trouble free in the future as possible.

Before leaving, he gave them advice on preventative maintenance and also trained them on the correct way to use the machine.  The customer now has a fully working scrubber dryer and was very happy with the end result.

11 inch floor buffing and scrubbing pads for new or second hand Viper Fang 24
Floor Buffing and Scrubbing pads

Viper Fang 24 Floor Pads

The Viper Fang 24 scrubber dryer is a medium sized battery powered scrubber dryer. It is designed to be robust and highly manoeuvrable making it ideal for cleaning large retail spaces. With large 61 litre cleaning solution and recovery tanks and twin batteries it can go a long distance before the machine needs to be refilled and recharged.

A3 Machines stock a variety of compatible pads for the machine which are available in the following colours.

  • BLACK – Stripping Pad – Removes heavy dirt, sealants, wax.
  • BLUE – Wet Scrub/Heavy Duty Pad – Severe cleaning when wet, light stripping when dry.
  • GREEN – Light Stripping Pad – Removes dirt, scuff marks etc
  • TAN – Light clean/Buffing pad – Light – medium cleaning and buffing at the same time.
  • RED – Light clean/Buffing pad – Light clean and used for buffing.
  • WHITE – Polishing pad – To be used on a surface free of dirt for a high shine.

Pads can be purchased via the following link:

Viper Fang 24 Service For Family Run Convenience Store in Manchester

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