Servicing Cleaning Machines at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in Cumbria

Recently one of our engineers found themselves detained in Cumbria at one of Her Majesty’s Category C Prisons. I know what you are thinking but he was actually there servicing cleaning machines that were intended to be used for cleaning carpets, altro and vinyl flooring. Cumbria is a large county in North West England and the prison that requested the servicing houses over 600 prisoners. It was built on the site of an old RAF training centre which was converted into a prison facility in 1967. Whilst some of the prison’s workshops and offices are housed in buildings from that era, most have been extensively modernised over the years.

Assessing the Machines and Environment

The facility and its flooring is quite diverse and all prisoners take part in full time employment and/or training. Workshops on site include timber manufacturing eg, the inmates make garden furniture which is sold to the public, construction, plastering, horticulture (they grow their own vegetables) and industrial cleaning. There is also a Prison’s gym also which provides training related gym courses and qualifications as well as recreational PE. The prison has a traditional library facility which also includes IT suites and training facilities, self-help and employment advice. The Healthcare Centre, Probation and Education departments all offer additional courses and one-to-one sessions (where available) for prisoners with a variety of individual needs. All of these areas need to be cleaned on a regular basis and although upon our visit we discovered that they had all the necessary floor cleaning machines, nobody was fully trained on how to operate them. It was also discovered that some of the machines required new parts which would need to be ordered in so after an the initial consultation we agreed to return a week later and carry out the Servicing Cleaning Machines over two days.

Truvox Solaris Scrubber Dryer
Truvox Solaris Scrubber Dryer

Servicing Cleaning Machines

When we returned the first day was spent carrying out on-site repairs, servicing, PAT testing for electrical safety and then testing the floor cleaning machines to ensure they were fully operational. On day two we returned to commence the training programme. Initially training was given to prison staff and then to some of the inmates. We also gave some additional training to staff members to enable them to train – i.e. we trained the trainer and issued a certificate to each trainer.

There was a large array of machines which needed servicing and repairing which included:

Upon assessing the Karcher BD530, we found it to be beyond economical repair and therefore they decided to scrap it. We supplied them with some new floor cleaning machines which were a reconditioned Victor Floor Polisher and a reconditioned Viper 20 Pedestrian Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer.

Truvox Machines

Servicing Cleaning Machines - Truvox Hydromist Carpet Cleaner The Truvox Hydromist compact and Solaris are both designed with access to smaller places in mind – they can clean under tables and furniture and feature scrubbing and solution collection going both forwards and backwards. They feature adjustable handles for operator comfort and simple, clearly marked controls give it further ease of use. The large rear wheels and central castor make for great manoeuvrability. The Floor polishers, Truvox Orbis 17” models, is a single disc rotary machine that offers exceptional handling and a cost-effective solution for cleaning and polishing hard floors.

Sebo Duo-P Carpet Agitator

Servicing Cleaning Machines - Sebo Duo-P Carpet Cleaner The Sebo Duo-P Carpet Agitator is so called because it acts both as a vacuum cleaner for dry and loose matter, and as a cleaner, offering a cleaning solution that does not use water. This helps to avoid the normal problems with wet carpet cleaning, such as carpet shrinkage, adhesive damage, smell and long ‘area out of use’ periods due to lengthy drying times.

Taski Swingo 1650 Scrubber Dryer

The Taski Swingo 1650 is a battery powered large-walk behind scrubber dryer. Its 23 gallon (85 l) tank and the highly efficient IntelliFlow™ reduce water consumption significantly. Clean up to 27,000 ft2 (2,500m2) without time-consuming tank filling stops. Reduced energy consumption and high capacity batteries allow a run time of more than four hours before recharging. With excellent ergonomics and simple, intuitive controls, the machine reduces operator fatigue and minimizes training.

Karcher BD530

The Karcher BD530 is a Walk-behind, mains-operated scrubber drier with disc engineering and an area performance of up to 1,840 m²/h. For efficient deep cleaning and maintenance cleaning. Compact and powerful. The BD 530 Ep offers excellent value for money. Easy handling and servicing is reflected in the classic design. The machine is very easy to service, as all assemblies are easily accessible.

As aforementioned, after all the repairs were completed, full on-site training was given, as is standard with all customers who call for assistance. All-in-all, the customer was extremely happy with the service provided, and we left them with a full range of working machines, up-to-date training and a supply of multi-purpose lemon cleaner and Nu-kleen along with the appropriate COSH sheets.

Servicing Cleaning Machines at Cumbrian HMP

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