Scrubber Dryer Scratching the Floor at Oxford Retailer

A member of our service team took a call from the store manager of a large discount store in Oxford to report that their Scrubber Dryer was scratching the floor. The machine was Viper Fang 20 and the perplexing thing was it had only been serviced six weeks prior so if anything it should be working perfectly.

The discount store was located in the historic city of Oxford which is well known for it University and has become very popular with tourists. With a population of over 150,000 it also has a large retail industry where customers can find a multitude of places to shop including Broad Street, the Clarendon Shopping Centre, Conrnmarket Street as well as nearby retail parks.

Scratching the Floor Issue

The customer reported that their recently serviced floor cleaning machine was leaving scratch marks on the surface it was being used to clean. As a large store, you can imagine the large areas of floor space that needed to be kept clean each day following high volumes of customer footfall and trolley traffic. It was for this reason that the store owned a Viper Fang 20 battery operated walk behind scrubber drier.

During the conversation the office manager was asked specific questions about the problem in order to get
a better understanding of the issue, with a particular focus on what kind of pads were being used on the machine and the type of flooring being cleaned. With the Viper Fang 20, the pads are affixed to the base of the machine, but there are different grades of pad for different uses – these are all colour coded for convenience.

It transpired that the customer was using a Black pad on the floors. The Black pads are very abrasive, and were not at all suitable for the stores vinyl flooring. This was clearly the reason that the machine was scratching the floor during use. We recommended Green pads for vinyl flooring, which are softer and the correct choice for cleaning Vinyl. In order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible we couriered a box of five green pads to the store in Oxford. The pads can be used on both sides, and based on daily use, a single pad should last between two and three months.

The customer received the pads the next day and sure enough this resolved the problem. On this occasion we were able to resolve the customers problem without the need to send one of our engineers on the road to make repairs.

Avoid Scratching the Floor with the correct 20 Inch Floor Pads
20 Inch Floor Pads

Viper Fang 20 Floor Pads

The Viper Fang 20 is a medium sized battery powered scrubber dryer. It is designed to be robust and highly manoeuvrable making it ideal for cleaning large retail spaces. With large 61 litre cleaning solution and recovery tanks and twin batteries it can go a long distance before the machine needs to be refilled and recharged.

A3 Machines stock a variety of compatible 2o inch pads for the machine which are available in the following colours.

  • BLACK – Stripping Pad – Removes heavy dirt, sealants, wax.
  • BLUE – Wet Scrub/Heavy Duty Pad – Severe cleaning when wet, light stripping when dry.
  • GREEN – Light Stripping Pad – Removes dirt, scuff marks etc
  • TAN – Light clean/Buffing pad – Light – medium cleaning and buffing at the same time.
  • RED – Light clean/Buffing pad – Light clean and used for buffing.
  • WHITE – Polishing pad – To be used on a surface free of dirt for a high shine.

Pads can be purchased via the following link:

Selecting the Right Cleaning Pads for an Oxford Discount Store

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