Planned Viper Fang Service at Carlisle Retailer

We recommend you have a Viper Fang Service carried out every year to ensure your floor cleaning machine is working at maximum efficiency; like a car there are a lot of moving parts in a scrubber dryer and with daily use wear and tear is inevitable. Some of the symptoms of a poorly serviced machine include reduced battery life, less effective floor cleaning action, leaks and dirty water being left on the floor. Our service also includes a Portable Appliance Test (PAT Test) that will highlight any electrical issues and confirm the machine is safe to use.

Many of our customers take out a service contract when purchasing a machine or it is included in the contract which is quite common with rental agreements. We usually encourage our customers to take up the service option as we would rather keep our service team busy with the regular planning and carrying out service visits than responding to breakdown calls. An example of this being a Viper Fang Service we recently organised for a customer at a retail store in Carlisle, Cumbria. Fortunately, scrubber dryers see most use during the evening when the floor is closed so we are able to carry out the service during the day.

Performing the Viper Fang Service

We contacted the store in Carlisle and organised a convenient time for an A3 Engineer to work on the machine which was a Viper Fang 20HD. The store are part of a chain and the cleaning team have strict standards of cleanliness to maintain so it was important that the machine was working exactly as it should be to ensure their floors remained clean and the store met the standard.

After calling in at the store our engineer started working through the Viper Fang Service schedule which starts with a check of all the key components on the machine to spot areas of wear and tear where new parts are required. Other activities including completing all maintenance tasks which include:

  • Battery Tests and Electrolyte top up.
  • Checking floor pads for signs of uneven wear.
  • Cleaning and Descaling the Detergent and Recovery Tanks
  • Cleaning / replacing filters.
  • Checking the Vacuum system performance
  • Lubricating moving parts.
  • Resolving leaks and loose fasteners.

Any worn parts are swapped out for new and in this case the only additional work that needed doing was to fit a new vacuum hose as the original one had developed a small split which was causing some loss of suction and could only get worse over time. Along with the standard service, our engineer also descaled the clean water tank, squeegee rubbers and cleaned the filter. He inspected all the core elements, checking the tanks, the bolts and bearings and the general operational components of the machine.

Our engineer fully tested the machine and found that it was back to its full potential, working properly and performing well again. He then gave the customer the usual advice on following the preventative maintenance steps as detailed in the Viper Fang 20HD User Manual.

Viper Fang Service
Viper Fang 20HD

Viper Fang 20 HD Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

The Viper Fang 20 HD is a medium sized battery powered scrubber dryer is ideally suited for medium to large floor cleaning and an ideal tool for the customers cleaning team who are tasked with maintaining the floors at this busy discount store. The machine is designed to be robust, due to its rotationally moulded housing, whilst also being manoeuvrable, due to its ergonomic design. It thus strikes that fine balance between usability and solidity.

With a 560 watt brush motor and two stage vacuum motor the machine has the ability to clean up to 2000 m2 per hour. The HD in the model name stands for Heavy Duty and is designed to cope with all manner of dirt build-up, scuffing and soiling that you see day to day from customers coming into the store.

Annual On-Site Viper Fang 20HD Service in Cumbria

The A3 machines service department provide a Nationwide UK ON-SITE call out service covering breakdowns at any time, thus ensuring your productivity and cleaning schedules are uninterrupted. Our factory trained service staff provide onsite repairs and preventative maintenance on all types and brands of cleaning and industrial equipment. We carry an extensive inventory of replacement parts at our facility.

To read about more service work carried out by the A3 machines engineers please visit:

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