Karcher Floor Scrubber Serviced at Liverpool Retailer

On this occasion, we received a call from a retail store indicating that their Karcher floor scrubber had broken down and needed repair. We sent an engineer to the store, located in Liverpool to see what could be done to remedy the issues they were experiencing.

Liverpool is roughly 60 miles north of our base in Market Drayton and is actually the fifth most populous city in the United Kingdom. It’s quite a famous city that was declared the European Capital of Culture in 2008-09 and boasts a rich artistic scene.

Karcher Floor Scrubber Fault Finding

We treat all our service calls as urgent due to the need for our customers to regularly meet hygiene standards at their premises. So our engineer was dispatched to assess the machine and resolve the situation as soon as possible.

An inspection of the machine revealed that the drive belt had snapped. This had been exacerbated by water getting into the drive due to general wear and tear. The water had leaked in, softened the belt and caused it to weaken prematurely and eventually snap.

To permanently resolve the problem our engineer decided to give the machine a full service and replace any worn out parts.

Servicing a Karcher Floor Scrubber

Servicing the BR40/25 involved stripping down the old gear casing, removing idler wheel, replaced gear casing with a new casing, four new bearings and circups, two drive shafts and two drive wheels. He then fitted a new drive belt, tensioned it and fitted a new gear casing cover to resolve the water leak. In addition, he also replaced the brushes and fitted a new dolly wheel. As part of the extensive repair, our engineer then fully tested the machine to make sure that it was back to peak performance.

Servicing Karcher Floor Scrubber Model BR40/25
Karcher BR40/25 Floor Scrubber

Karcher BR40/25 Battery Powered Floor Scrubber

The Karcher BR40/25 is a Battery Powered manually-steered floor scrubber with roller brushes and a performance up to 1600 m² per hour. The machine measures at 800 x 575 x 830mm which includes the 25 Litre tank in tank system for fresh and waste water. This size and design makes it suited for small to medium sized floor cleaning tasks and the Karcher pricing is very reasonable making it and ideal machine for economic cleaning of all hard surfaces, maintenance cleaning and polishing. Being a Karcher machine all the parts are replaceable which promotes longevity.

The machine is once again running at its peak and before leaving our engineer offered our customary in depth advice about the future maintenance of the machine.

Repairing a Karcher Floor Scrubber at Merseyside Retail Store

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